Downtown Hattiesburg Roundabout

downtown hattiesburg roundabout



Hardy Street’s next road improvement project consists of a roundabout at the intersection of 2nd Avenue, Green Street and Adeline Street. This project, presented in late 2017, has been through multiple designs and grant application phases with the final bid project won by Warren Paving and funded by a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant through MDOT.

This intersection includes five streets converging into the same area and is often the root of multiple traffic problems – from congestion to traffic accidents. City officials hope to see this project relieve these issues.

At completion, the project will include the roundabout construction, new asphalt, green space, sidewalks, stamped crosswalks and improved road lighting.

Construction begins in late October, and it will take approximately seven months. Anticipated completion is set for May 2022 or early summer, depending on the weather.



Friday, October 7, 2022: Construction is complete. The Downtown Roundabout is now complete.

Monday, September 26, 2022:

From September 26 through October 7, the roundabout will be closed for final curbing, landscaping, crosswalk stamping and striping. The closure will open for the weekend to accommodate events taking place in Downtown Hattiesburg, but will close on Monday morning for final modifications before opening.

Friday, April 8, 2022:

On Monday, April 11, contractors will close the roundabout to all traffic from Hardy Street, Green Street and 2nd Avenue in order to make significant progress in the construction zone. Throughout the week, crews will pour and stamp the concrete truck apron. This process will take a full week to pour and cure.

Depending on the weather and progress, the roundabout is slated to re-open for traffic on Monday, April 18.

Motorists who drive along this route frequently should prepare for an alternate route or allow for additional travel time.

Wednesday, March 3, 2022:

On Saturday, March 6, the City of Hattiesburg will enter into Phase 3 of the Roundabout Construction project, which includes a modified way of traveling through the intersection at  Hardy Street, Green Street, 2nd Avenue and Adeline Street.

To keep traffic moving, drivers will navigate the roundabout as it is constructed – but with temporary stop signs that will help keep motorists and crews safe in the construction zone. 

As motorists approach the intersection, they must:

  • Come to a complete stop at the stop sign. 
  • Yield to the right-of-way to any vehicle or pedestrian already in the intersection upon arrival. 
  • Once the way is clear, merge carefully into the circle.

Additionally, motorists should only enter and exit the circle by traveling toward the right. There is signage around the circle to indicate the direction of travel. 


3/3/22: Roundabout in Downtown Hattiesburg Enters Phase Three 

10/25/21: Roundabout Construction Begins


In total, the project will cost $1.8 million and will be paid for through the 2018 TAP grant and city general fund dollars.


Construction will begin in late October 2021, and it will take approximately seven months. Anticipated completion is set for May 2022 or early summer, depending on the weather.


Department of Engineering
212 West Front Street
Hattiesburg, MS 39401