Department of Engineering
212 West Front Street
Hattiesburg, MS 39401

The City of Hattiesburg is constantly in a state of improvement, whether it’s paving roads, new water and sewer infrastructure projects or neighborhood beautification.The Engineering Department works extensively on Comprehensive Water & Sewer Improvement Projects throughout hte City of Hattiesburg. These specific projects are capital investments that have a direct impact on services provided to the residents and businesses in Hattiesburg. Below is a running list of these projects, with updates for where the project currently stands.

In July, Mayor Barker and Councilwoman Mary Dryden announced a water and sewer improvement project along Camp Street that will significantly improve water pressure, decrease the occurrence of brown water, replace smaller water lines and replace aging sewer lines. The project cost is $3.7 Million and will feature new water lines, lateral water improvements to individual houses (connecting them to properly sized 6”-8” lines that were installed prior to now) and new sewer lines.

Residents in the Parkhaven neighborhood can expect to see work begin in the next 60 days, with anticipation that the project will take approximately 18-24 months for completion.

UPDATE: Work has begun on this project. The contractor is currently working on Camp Street replacing the sewer line. Throughout the project, residents will experience minor inconviences such as temporary loss of water, roads closed to through traffic and roads covered in rock and gravel. The contractor will notify residents any time a planned water outage occurs. Unfortunately there may be times when the unexpected happens. When that does, please understand we are working to remedy the problem as soon as possible. In the event there is an unplanned outage please contact the Action Center at 601-545-4500.


In August 2018, Mayor Toby Barker, Ward 1 Councilman Jeffrey George and Ward 4 Councilwoman Mary Dryden announced two water and sewer improvement projects: one for the areas between Quinn Street and Pearl Street in Ward 4’s Longleaf Heights Neighborhood and one in the areas around Ward 1’s North 39th Avenue and North 40th Avenue.

In Ward 4, the cost for this project is $2.9 million, which comes from funding initially designated for a mechanical wastewater treatment facility but is now redirected toward existing infrastructure. Construction in the Longleaf Heights neighborhood is expected to begin within 30 days and will last approximately 12 months. At the conclusion, all affected roads will be resurfaced.

In Ward 1, the project, which will take up to nine months to complete, will cost just under $800,000 and will be paid from annual water and sewer collections that have been designated for infrastructure replacement.

UPDATE for Quinn Street and Pearl Street: This project has been awarded. Expect work to begin in the coming months.

UPDATE for North 39th/40th Avenue: Contractor is 90% complete on installing the waterlines and should begin placing new sewer lines in the upcoming months.

UPDATE for Longleaf Heights Neighborhood: Work has begun on this project. The contractor has completed the work on USM’s campus and is now working on N 20th Ave. Residents in this area may experience minor inconveniences during the construction phase.

In December 2017, Mayor Barker and Councilwoman Deborah Delgado announced a sewer project for Duke Avenue, Dogwood Drive and Corinne Street. This project entails replacing and updating sewer line infrastructure, as well as connecting houses to the sewer system. The project is complete for Duke Avenue and Corinne Street. The contractor is currently working on Dogwood Drive.


UPDATE: Contractor has competed installation of the sewer lines and services. Contractor will begin replacement of the asphalt on Dogwood Drive in the coming months. 

In October 2017, Mayor Barker and Ward 5 Councilman Nicholas Brown announced a significant water improvement project for Palmer’s Crossing and Irene Chapel neighbors. The upgrades include removing small, antiquated lines and replacing them with lines that can not only handle the current capacity but also set these areas up for success regarding future growth. A majority of the line installation is complete, with the remaining areas around railroad crossings. We are currently awaiting final permits from those entities.


UPDATE: No change. Still waiting on permits from railroad entities. 

In April 2017, Mayor Barker and Councilwoman Mary Dryden announced a water improvement project for the Arcadia-Sunset Neighborhood that will significantly improve water pressure, decrease the occurrence of brown water and replace smaller water lines with the standard 6″ and 8″ lines. The estimated cost of this project is $717,310, and it is a budgeted expense from the general fund. This project is in its early stages but is on track.


UPDATE: The contractor is nearing completion of this project, most of the water lines have been installed and should start placing sod and making repairs to streets and driveways.