Upgrades Continue for Hattiesburg Water Plant #1

Upgrades Continue for Hattiesburg Water Plant #1

Hattiesburg, Mississippi – On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, the City of Hattiesburg will continue with upgrades at Water Plant #1 on Hwy 42 which includes a contractor rehabilitating the 5-million-gallon underground tank that is onsite. This includes emptying, cleaning and refilling.

This work is possible without interrupting water service to the city’s residents due to two additional source tanks located throughout the Hattiesburg city limits. However, residents may experience low-pressure and/or brown water periodically while the cleaning process takes place. Contractors estimate that the project may take two weeks to complete but hope to be completed earlier.

“Our records show that this tank was installed in the early 1930s. Understanding the age of the tank, we expanded the scope of the upgrades we announced in 2022 to include this piece as well,” said Water and Sewer Director Alan Howe. “This is just another step forward as we continue to provide quality water supply to our residents.”.

The city operates three plants, Water Plant #1, Water Plant #2 on James Street and a third on Weathersby Road. In planning, the administration identified Plant #1 with the most prevalent upgrades needed for continued excellence.

Upgrades to Plant #1 were announced in May 2022 during Hattiesburg’s annual inspection announcement. These upgrades included new equipment and safety features:

  • A new rapid mix tank
  • A modernized lime feeder will allow the use of a powder lime that can be dropped into the new rapid mix tank, and not have to be pumped — avoiding clogging and malfunctions.
  • Filter rehab
  • New access stairs for employee safety
  • Chlorine vent fan, a much-needed safety feature

In total, the upgrades cost $1,305,095 and are being funded by a revolving loan through MSDH. Through this program, which was applied for and secured, the City can obtain up to 35% back in loan forgiveness – making a portion of this project funded by the state and federal government.

The city has received a perfect score – a 5 out of 5 – for its annual drinking water supply inspection for five consecutive years. Upgrades to Water Plant #1 will continue to aid the city’s compliance during its annual inspection by the Mississippi Department of Health.