Longleaf Village



Monday, February 6, 2023; 4 p.m.
Final Presentation to City Council to consider adoption of Master Plan
City Council Chambers
200 Forrest St, Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Wednesday, December 7; 1 p.m.
Planning Commission
Jackie Dole Community Center
220 W Front Street

Thursday, June 16; 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Community Design Charette
Parkway Heights United Methodist Church
2420 Hardy Street



Main Office, City Hall
200 Forrest Street
1st and 2nd Floor

The Longleaf Village in the Avenues is a Master Plan project established to engage the public and key stakeholders and work with the Planning Division staff to create a vision document for the areas of North 25th and 26th Avenues between Hardy Street and West 4th Street. The outcome of the project is to create a master plan reflective of the City’s Comprehensive Plan 2008-2028 and to promote Smart Growth principles, urban design standards, economic revitalization and/or enhancement. It will also aim to reduce conflicts of incompatible land uses; stabilize and improve property values; promote more transportation options; and encourage safe, convenient, attractive, sustainable, healthy neighborhoods and districts.

This page will be updated as the project moves forward.

January 2023 Update

On December 7, 2022, a draft of the Longleaf Village (LLVA) in the Avenues Master Plan was presented to the Hattiesburg Planning Commission in a public hearing, where community members, stakeholders and interested citizens attended to provide additional feedback and input on the LLVA Master Plan. The city’s consultants used the final feedback provided from the public hearing in creating the final document, which was developed through a public engagement process, which included an online survey, an open house workshop, multiple stakeholder meetings and public hearings. This information, along with market research was used in forming the vision for this strategic area of town.

Identified themes from the study included the desire for Smart Growth principles that promote better urban design standards while creating a safer neighborhood. Many of the identified themes from the study drew parallels to the Midtown District, which already has a specific Form-Based Code that promotes these Smart Growth principles. Consultants and city planning staff agreed that the Midtown Form-Based Code provided the groundwork for implementing the LLVA Master Plan and have proposed revising the Midtown Form-Based Code into the “Hattiesburg Form-Based Code” with a few minor changes. This allows the City to implement a code that has proven to be effective in economic revitalization and implementing Smart Growth Principles. It also allows the City to explore other opportunities to implement a Form-Based Code in other parts of the city, which would also be guided by a public engagement process.

Figure 1: Current conditions of the intersection of Quinn Street and North 25th Avenue, a central location in the area of study

Figure 2: Conceptual plan as a potential redevelopment of the intersection of Quinn and North 25th Avenue that implements urban design features that encourage a diversity of transportation options and create a safer intersection for both pedestrians and motorists.

The Longleaf Village in the Avenues Master Plan was presented again to the Hattiesburg Planning Commission on January 4, 2023, along with the proposal to amend the Midtown Form-Based Code for it to become the “Hattiesburg Form-Based Code”. Planning Commission recommended approving the LLVA Plan and Hattiesburg Form-Based Code and will appear before City Council on February 6, 2023, in a public hearing. This will be an additional opportunity for community input before a final decision is made on the plan.

With the adoption of the LLVA Master Plan, the City is also recommending Zoning Changes for the proposed LLVA District. The zoning changes are recommended based on the results of the plan, where the proposed zoning will draw from zones that have been established in the Midtown District, with minor changes to accommodate the results of the public engagement process. These zoning changes will guide future development in the area and are a reflection of community input for the vision for this area.

Figure 3: Current Zoning and Proposed Zoning for the area identified as the “Longleaf Village in the Avenues”


The master plan and code text are now available for review and can be found using the links below:

Longleaf Village in the Avenues Master Plan

Proposed Changes to the Midtown Form-Based Code to Establish the “Hattiesburg Form-Based Code”

Current Midtown Form-Based Code


Please contact the Planning Division at planning@hattiesburgms.com for more information.

December 2022 Update

Below are renderings and maps for the forthcoming Longleaf Village in the Avenues Master Plan. The Master Plan will include a market analysis, design guidelines similar to Midtown, incentives for development and/or redevelopment that will maximize the location and connections to resources nearby, such as USM and the Longleaf Trace, and create a highly attractive mixed-use community while being sensitive to the surrounding neighborhoods.

The master plan and code text will be available prior to a public hearing presentation to Planning Commission on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, at Jackie Dole Sherrill Community Center, located at 220 W. Front Street. The agenda starts at 1 p.m. Please contact the Planning Division at planning@hattiesburgms.com for more information.