City of Hattiesburg Releases Spring Paving List for 2019

City of Hattiesburg Releases Spring Paving List for 2019

Hattiesburg, Mississippi – On Thursday, the City of Hattiesburg released its list of spring paving projects that will take place in 2019.

“Fostering progress across all five wards continues to be a priority for our administration, along with being transparent about which streets will be paved,” said Mayor Toby Barker. “These additional projects are happening because of the City Council’s willingness to increase the city’s paving budget to $2.5 million during this fiscal year.”

This list, the fourth released under Barker’s leadership, was created based on requests by City Council members, feedback from neighborhood associations, requests made to the Mayor’s Office and site visits to neighborhoods by Mayor Barker and staff.

Barker added, “We take calls, emails and social media comments daily about potholes and street quality concerns. I want our residents to know we hear them. Paving will continue to be a priority as we move forward.”

Total cost for this list is just over $1 Million. All project schedules are subject to weather constraints. The list of streets to be paved in the spring includes (by ward):

Ward 1 

  • Golf Course Road
  • Pearl Street (already completed)
  • Ross Boulevard (already completed)

Ward 2 

  • Atlanta Street
  • West 5th Street (200 block)
  • Midway Avenue
  • Mohawk Street
  • McLelland Street
  • East Pine Street

Ward 3

  • Wedgewood Trace
  • Oak Grove Road (between Weathersby and Lincoln) – a project funded by Lamar County Board of Supervisors

Ward 4 

  • South 17th Avenue
  • Concart Street
  • McInnis Street

Ward 5 

  • Brady Road
  • Elnora Knight Road
  • Registar Street

For a full list of all streets paved since July 2017, visit