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Pattie Brantley, AICP
 Director of Urban Development

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Department of Urban Development's web pages.  Information about our services has been updated and re-organized into a more "user-friendly" environment.  The department continues to provide services and information regarding planning, zoning, land development, permits, building inspections, code enforcement, neighborhood development and the Action Center. The Urban Development staff consists of 24 employees who oversee the daily operations of the Planning and Land Code Divisions. The department demonstrates the legal, administrative and implementation authority relating to the built environment within the city.

The guiding principles for improving the design and quality of residential and commercial land development are found in the City of Hattiesburg's Comprehensive Plan 2008-2028 (adopted December 16, 2008). The Comprehensive Plan identifies the long-range goals and policies to guide public and private decision-making related to Hattiesburg’s future growth of the built environment and community development.

As a policy statement, the plan expresses the city’s desire to affect the physical form of its destiny. By approaching that future in a coordinated and unified manner, Hattiesburg seeks to preserve, promote, protect and improve the public health, safety, comfort, good order and appearance within its jurisdiction.

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Code Enforcement                                                      Hattiesburg Land Development Code

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Hattiesburg Comprehensive Plan 2008-2028         Historic Preservation

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MIDTOWN in MOTION - A Master Plan for Midtown Hattiesburg


MIDTOWN Hattiesburg Master Plan


MIDTOWN Form Based Code



Twin Forks


Department of Urban Development Staff and Contact Information

Pattie Brantley, AICP, Director of Urban Development

200 Forrest Street

Hattiesburg, MS


Planning Department

200 Forrest Street

Hattiesburg, MS


 Building/ Permit Division 

200 Forrest Street

Hattiesburg, MS


 Code Enforcement

200 Forrest Street

Hattiesburg MS


Action Center


Maxine Coleman, Neighborhood Coordinator

200 Forrest Street,

Hattiesburg, MS