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Public Works

 Larry  Barnes


The Department of Public Works consists of Drainage, Health, Sanitation, Construction, Traffic, Streets, Street Cleaning, and Airport Maintenance.  It is our mission to plan, design, construct, maintain and provide the best facilities as well as the safest streets through traffic flow management. We collaborate with public and private entities to provide the safest and most accommodating airport terminal within our municipality. 

The Public Works Department continued to make drainage improvements throughout the city, in 2009. Approximately 3500 linear feet of storm drain was installed along roadways to improve the draining and aesthetics of the neighborhoods.  There are now seven drainage projects throughout the city.  One project in particular made improvements along Gordon’s Creek between Bay and Newman streets by re-shaping the canal and installing rip-rap along the slopes of Mixon Creek. 

Construction/Building Maintenance is responsible for maintenance of all City owned facilities and structures to include but not limited to buildings, walking trails, ballparks, and water fountains. Some of our hallmark features are Hattiesburg Zoo exhibits, Tatum Park, Town Square Park and the Hattiesburg Cultural Center.
Airport Maintenance is a major division of the Public Works Department.  This division provides for the management, supervision, and maintenance of all runways and their lighting devices, grounds, and service roads for the City of Hattiesburg’s Bobby Chain Municipal Airport.  This year the Airport Maintenance Division performed a complete renovation of the entire airport building.

The Traffic Division installed a new and much needed signal head and camera at the intersection of Hardy Street and 17th Avenue in an effort to keep the citizens of Hattiesburg safe.  New pull boxes were installed where Highway 49 and Elks Lake Road meet.  The two navigation push button stations for the blind were restored at the corner of Hardy Street and 31st Avenue. 
The Public Works Department’s ultimate goal remains to provide efficient and quality services, as well as to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Hattiesburg.