Kimball Avenue Pedestrian Bridge Closed for Repairs

Kimball Avenue Pedestrian Bridge Closed for Repairs

Hattiesburg, Mississippi – Based on the recommendation from a third-party structural engineer and bridge inspection team, the City will close the Kimball Avenue pedestrian bridge for repair.

The repair is estimated to take three months and will cost approximately $50,000. Repair work will address the pilings and the caps of the bridge. The bridge will close immediately, and work will begin after the beginning of 2022.

This bridge runs over a drainage ditch and does not serve vehicle motorists. Its primary function allows pedestrian and bike traffic to travel to and from between the western and eastern sections of Quinn Street.

This report came after the Hattiesburg City Council approved a third-party contract to inspect bridges throughout the City of Hattiesburg that do not fall under the road/bridge maintenance and inspection plans by the Office of State Aid and Road Construction.

“In the past two years, we have closed two bridges because of severe and unexpected structural deficiencies that required total replacement,” said Mayor Toby Barker. “This new system of consistent inspections on smaller bridges allows us to make proactive repairs, when possible; and if replacement is needed, it gives the city flexibility in planning and budgeting for those capital costs ahead of time.”