Community Design Forum Set for Longleaf Village in the Avenues

Community Design Forum Set for Longleaf Village in the Avenues

Hattiesburg, Mississippi – On Thursday, June 16, the City of Hattiesburg will host an open forum for the Longleaf Village in the Avenues, a master plan project for the North 25th and 26th Avenue corridors between Hardy Street and West 4th Street. The meeting will take place at Parkway Heights United Methodist Church (2420 Hardy Street) and is a come-and-go format, between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

“As more reinvestment occurs in and around the North 25th Avenue corridor, it presents an opportunity for the city to facilitate strategic dialogue with neighborhood stakeholders about the long-term future of that area of the Avenues,” said Mayor Toby Barker. “We hope this process produces a workable plan that can enhance economic vitality while protecting the quality of life for residents and businesses alike.”

This project is specifically geared toward engaging the public and key stakeholders as they work with the planning division to create a vision document for this corridor. The outcome will be a master plan reflective of the City’s Comprehensive Plan 2008-2028, while also promoting Smart Growth principles, urban design standards, economic revitalization and/or enhancement.

It will also aim to reduce conflicts of incompatible land uses; stabilize and improve property values; promote more transportation options; and encourage safe, convenient, attractive, sustainable, healthy neighborhoods and districts.

“The potential for the Longleaf Village in the Avenues to be a vibrant entertainment district is immense, and with a master plan reflective of that – we have a chance to turn that potential into reality,” said Ward 4 City Councilman Dave Ware. “In order for that to happen, we need our local residents and business owners to bring feedback to the table about what they want to see for this area.”

For more details about the project, residents can call 601-545-4599. As the project progresses, details about meetings and documents will be accessible via