Boil Water Notice Update: Hattiesburg’s First Set of Samples Comes Back Clear

Boil Water Notice Update: Hattiesburg’s First Set of Samples Comes Back Clear

Hattiesburg, Mississippi – The first set of 60 follow-up samples in response to a boil water notice issued for Hattiesburg on Friday, December 11 have tested negative for any bacteria, including e-coli.

These 60 samples were taken throughout the city, including from the original affected site in the 1900 block of Hardy Street, downstream and upstream.

“We are pleased with these results, and we anticipate results from the second set of samples to come in from the testing facility on Sunday evening,” said Alan Howe, director for Water and Sewer. “If the second set of 60 samples also tests negative for e-coli, then the local testing facility, in consultation with the state health department, will be able to lift the boil water notice.”

Customers – residents and businesses – who receive their water from the City of Hattiesburg should continue to boil water before use until the notice is lifted.

Per standards set by the Mississippi State Department of Health, the city must receive a free and clear report for two consecutive days of samples, 60 samples each, before the boil water notice is lifted.

City officials hope to provide a final update for the community on Sunday evening.

A boil water notice was issued on the afternoon of Friday, December 11 for customers who receive their drinking water from the City of Hattiesburg, following a confirmed e-coli contamination in one of 50 samples from the city’s monthly screening of its water supply system.

“Because we know where the sample comes from and only one of 50 samples is positive for contamination, it is likely that the issue is specific to that sample site – such as a corroded pipe or contaminated spigot,” said Alan Howe, director of Water and Sewer.

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