Engineering Technician


Department: Engineering

Rate of Pay:               $13.00/hr

Nature of work:        To perform engineering, drafting, surveying or inspection task and the mathematical computations associated with the engineering office.

Examples of Work:

  • Examine sites and perform survey work, as required
  • Assist with analyzing projects and determining potential problems
  • Assist with design layouts
  • Perform routine layout work for preliminary and final construction plans
  • Prepare preliminary and final drawings
  • Ensure designs are in compliance with all Federal, State and City laws and
  • Operate AutoCAD and GIS programs
  • Research previous annexation, design, and construction plans
  • Perform computer drafting responsibilities
  • Maintain records of city paving projects
  • Survey for annexation, road work, water and sewer lines Research land deeds and inspect for markers
  • Provide information relative to existing engineering data maintained by the city to the general public upon request
  • Notify and assist property owners and interested parties with special assessments and questions regarding city policies and procedures



Desirable Qualifications: College Graduate, 2 years experience in engineering, construction or other related experience.  Requires a valid Mississippi Driver’s License.




Posting Date:  July 21, 2017


Position will be posted at a MINIMUM until July 28, 2017.