New Ladder Six Truck and Logo 9:30am at Fire Station Number One 810 North Main Street April 26, 2016

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Rise Creative has emerged as an opportunity to offer undergraduate students the chance to seek professional, hands-on experience in their field. Students participate in a permanent campus design studio that challenges their creativity and professionalism as they undertake design jobs for USM units as well as local, regional and national clients. With the Rise Creative experience, students get to think for themselves (in cooperation with their peers and fellow students) in a service-learning situation where practice, not profit, is the motivation. The students who work in the Rise Creative student group develop professional-quality portfolio pieces and enhance their design skills before graduating from USM.


Hattiesburg Fire Department was honored to have these students to develop our new logo for the new ladder six truck.  We wanted branding that would be unique to the City of Hattiesburg Fire Department. (said Fire Chief Paul Presley)


Below is a list of the students that worked on the fire dept. logo.


Cody Bass (chosen design)


Chelsea Christopher

John Ragland

Melanie Santiago

Andrew Do

Kacey Holifield

Leanna Manning

Megan McCormick

Gabrielle Moran

Michael Norris