Upgrades Complete for Tatum Park Tennis Complex Ahead of Tournament

Upgrades Complete for Tatum Park Tennis Complex Ahead of Tournament

Hattiesburg, Mississippi – With new lighting and new windscreens funded by the one-cent restaurant and hotel/motel tax, the Tatum Park Tennis Complex has received a little more than $100,000 in necessary upgrades, completed just in time for the South Mississippi Singles League Invitational this weekend (Saturday, February 27 and Sunday, February 28).

Funds generated by this source have created big recreational investments all across Hattiesburg – like the splash pad at Sullivan Park and batting cages at Vernon Dahmer Park. But, it has also funded much-needed upgrades at facilities like Tatum Park’s Tennis Complex. 

“Hattiesburg has a thriving competitive tennis community, and many put forward ideas for how 1% revenues should be used,” said Hattiesburg Mayor Toby Barker. “We are excited to finish this project, and we look forward to envisioning further enhancements to Tatum Park and all of our tennis facilities.” 

Because of Hattiesburg’s location and amenities, it is primed for a premier tournament experience across a variety of sports. This the 10th year for the South Mississippi Singles League Invitational to take place in Hattiesburg, but it is the first round of tournament play to use the facility with the upgrades. 

Barker added, “We look forward to welcoming these 20 teams from across the state as they use this facility, but also as they take in all tourism opportunities in our city.”

The lighting upgrade was completed in the Fall of 2020, and it included replacing and upgrading all light systems at the complex. Buckhaults Electric was selected as the vendor through a sealed bid process, and the total upgrade cost was $80,000.

Completed within the last week, the windscreens were replaced and reinstalled for a total cost of $41,000. This project received a grant from the Mississippi Tennis Association ($3,500) and the United States Tennis Association ($5,000). Work for this project was completed by Gray Builders.