Hattiesburg Renews Franchise Agreement with 95.6% Approval

Hattiesburg Renews Franchise Agreement with 95.6% Approval

Hattiesburg, Mississippi – Today, residents voted to renew the City of Hattiesburg’s franchise agreement with Mississippi Power for another 25 years. The agreement was approved by voters with a 1307 – 59 margin, totaling 95.6% of the vote in favor.

This agreement allows for the city to continue receiving 3% of gross revenues generated from residential, commercial and industrial accounts instead of only 2% from residential and commercial.

“No one would argue that this year has provided for some awful moments for our community. But, it hasn’t taken away the city’s spirit to want and go after big things – including today’s vote that literally adds up in a big way,” said Mayor Toby Barker. “Today’s yes vote was important for our city to continue receiving $1.2 – $1.4 million for our general fund – every year for the next 25 years. And, I’m grateful for our residents who showed up – in spite of the weather – to make sure their voices were heard. It made for a great day in Hattiesburg; and because of them, tomorrow will be an even better one.”

Mississippi Power serves 53 municipalities from the Coast to Meridian, many of which had to host special elections to renew these agreements. Thirteen hundred and seven voters turned out in Hattiesburg to cast their vote, which is more than three of the larger cities in the state. Meridian had approximately 440, Gulfport resulted in 900 and Biloxi turned out 370.

Barker added, “Today would not have been possible without the steadfast commitment of our city clerk, Kermas Eaton. He and his team of clerks, election commissioners, poll workers and volunteers – in addition to support from the city’s construction department – effectively manage today’s election amid COVID-19 protocols. From social distancing measures, sanitization processes and more – everyone came together for the benefit of our city and ultimately our residents.”