Hattiesburg Fire Department Fully-Staffed with Lateral Transfers

Hattiesburg Fire Department Fully-Staffed with Lateral Transfers

Hattiesburg, Mississippi – On Tuesday, January 21, Mayor Toby Barker was joined by Fire Chief Sherrocko Stewart to swear in two lateral transfers – Nicholas Hocanson and James Givens – to Hattiesburg Fire Department, bringing manpower numbers to 120 firefighters.

“Today’s ceremony is special because it’s the first of such for 2020. But it’s even more exciting because, with the addition of these two firefighters being sworn in, we are now officially fully-staffed as a fire department. This is a big step for us,” said Barker. “Increasing our public safety manpower has been a priority for the last two and a half years. With the help of the Hattiesburg City Council, we’ve been able to increase pay, provide educational opportunities and invest in new facilities for them – all which have helped boost our manpower.”

Hocanson comes to Hattiesburg Fire Department with six years of service. His specific training includes a fire science degree, EMT, driver, operator, instructor and inspector.

Givens comes to the Hattiesburg Fire Department with four years of service at both the City of Columbia and the City of Petal. His training includes, hazardous material technician, driver, operator and EMT.

Both are graduates of the Mississippi Fire Academy.