Hattiesburg Announces Gordon Creek Commons Development + $1.4M TAP Grant Funding

Hattiesburg Announces Gordon Creek Commons Development + $1.4M TAP Grant Funding

Hattiesburg, Mississippi – Mayor Toby Barker and city officials were joined by Transportation Commissioner for the Southern District Tom King on Thursday, Feb. 25 to announce the receipt of $1.4M in grant funding which will be used to lay the structural foundation needed for a new development – Gordon’s Creek Commons. 

This project will provide a safe and attractive route for pedestrians and bicycles along the perimeter of one of Hattiesburg’s major natural resources – Gordon’s Creek. 

“It has long been a vision for our city to transform Gordon’s Creek from an unsightly drainage ditch to an amenity that can enhance the quality of life in neighborhoods across the city,” said  Barker. “Gordon’s Creek Commons, aside from adding pedestrian access to another section of the creek, will bring commercial activity to the water’s edge in a development that will enhance Downtown and all of Hattiesburg.”

Located between Hardy Street, McLeod Street and Pine Street, along the west bank of Gordon’s Creek in Downtown Hattiesburg, Gordon’s Creek Commons will include:

  • a series of 6-ft and 8-ft concrete pathways and connection points to surrounding areas;
  • an entrance gateway plaza near Pine Street;
  • two wooden boardwalks;
  • a bridge with handrails over Gordon’s Creek;
  • shade structures on each side of the bridge;
  • lighting; and
  • four seating areas.

The development will also include 8-ft concrete pathways along the east side of Gordon’s Creek and a connection to parking on McLeod Street.

Gordon’s Creek Commons will connect pedestrians in this area to Kamper Park located west of the Commons and to Downtown Hattiesburg, which boasts more restaurants and commercial shopping and several neighboring historic residential districts. The development will be built in phases, with the first phase being funded by the TAP Grant.

Additionally, at project completion, the Commons will serve as home to several quality of life additions –  including a splash pad, stage, shipping containers for restaurants/retail opportunities and a food truck park.

The Hattiesburg City Council recently voted unanimously to approve a food truck ordinance that formalizes the food truck registration and operation process. Under Ordinance 3286, it creates a go-to standard for an innovative and growing business model in the Hattiesburg community. 

Barker added, “Food trucks are a growing part of Hattiesburg’s culinary offerings, and they can serve to cultivate the next brick and mortar restaurant owners. Gordon’s Creek Commons will become a unique destination that draws more people into the area, which will have spillover benefits for other Downtown businesses.”

The next steps for Gordon’s Creek Commons include the design phase, with construction and groundbreaking anticipated for Spring of 2022. 

Entrepreneurs interested in learning more about food trucks operating within the City of Hattiesburg can reach out to the city’s Planning Division at 601-545-4599 for additional information about permit acquisition and requirements.