Hattiesburg Announces $1.2M Project for 38th Avenue

Hattiesburg Announces $1.2M Project for 38th Avenue

Hattiesburg, Mississippi – On Thursday, Mayor Toby Barker was joined by Ward 1 Councilman Jeffrey George, District 5 Forrest County Board of Supervisor Chris Bowen and Dr. Dee Dee Anderson, VP for Student Affairs at The University of Southern Mississippi to announce a $1.2 million project that will rebuild 38th Avenue.

The project will create a new western edge to The University of Southern Mississippi that provides for a true boulevard approach to 38th Avenue. It will feature:

  • a landscaped median;
  • a stoplight at 38th Avenue and Montague Boulevard;
  • new lighting fixtures along the new pathway; and 
  • repaving.

“This street is more than a cut-thru to get from 7th Street or 4th Street out to Hardy. Many people live along 38th Avenue, and it is now the de facto western boundary of The University of Southern Mississippi,” said Barker. “This project will transform this roadway into a full-fledged boulevard to accommodate the many residential units – both single-family and multi-family; the businesses, church; daycare centers; and of course, our student population,” said Barker.

These reconstruction efforts will also tie into the recently constructed multi-use path.

“Today is another testament to investing in our city’s infrastructure and working with our partners at the local, state and federal government — as well as The University of Southern Mississippi – to get it done,” said George. “This project will specifically improve the roadway and the look and feel of this area. And, I am confident that once completed, this project will be both an asset to both Ward 1 and our city.”

“When students choose The University of Southern Mississippi, they also choose the City of Hattiesburg,” said Anderson. “Through projects like this, it strengthens our relationships and allows us as an institution to help our students achieve their educational goals and reach the top.”

The total cost for this project is $1.2 million. Eighty percent of these funds were obligated last year from the federal/state Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), with 20% of construction and engineering paid for by the City of Hattiesburg from its dedicated road and bridge fund.

Construction is anticipated to last through the end of 2020. Lamar Rutland, the city’s Engineer, is managing this project with MDOT; and Neel-Schaffer will manage the engineering and construction processes. Webster Electric won the bid and will be completing construction.