Hattiesburg Adds Five to Public Safety Ranks

Hattiesburg Adds Five to Public Safety Ranks

Hattiesburg, Mississippi – Five more joined the public safety ranks for the City of Hattiesburg during a joint swearing-in ceremony this morning, three for Hattiesburg Police Department and two for Hattiesburg Fire Department.

“We have the two best public safety departments in the state of Mississippi. We train our firefighters and our police officers well; we hold them to a higher standard of conduct – both on and off duty; and we, as a community, value and invest in them,” said Mayor Toby Barker. “Today is a reminder that even in challenging times, we are committed to doing our part to keep our residents and visitors safe.”

Additions for Hattiesburg Police Department include Officers Jarrod Dearman and Dustin McMullan. Additions for Hattiesburg Fire Department include Firefighters Zane Adams, Thomas Scoggin and Anthony Ratcliff.