Hattiesburg is an entitlement city under the rules of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) and as such, receives an annual allocation of funding from both the CDBG and the HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME). CDBG and HOME funds are used to meet the primary objectives of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1974, as amended, by providing access to affordable, decent, safe and sanitary housing and a suitable living environment and expanding economic opportunities for persons, of low and moderate-income

Community Development Block Grant

  • homeProjects that principally benefit low and moderate-income persons. A project or activity that will be considered to principally benefit low and moderate-income persons if it is designed to meet the identified needs of low and moderate-income persons.
  • Projects that prevent or eliminate slum or blight.
  • Projects designed to meet needs having particular urgency

HOME Investment Partnership Program

  • homeProvide decent affordable housing to lower income households.
  • Expand the capacity of non-profit housing providers.
  • Strengthen the ability of state and local governments to provide housing.
  • Leverage private sector participation.

Affordable Housing

The City utilizes HUD funding to improve the stock of, and to create new affordable housing units, in Hattiesburg. This may be done by the City or through partner agencies by:

  • home4Building new homes for sale or rent to income eligible households
  • Buying and rehabilitating existing homes for sale or rent to income-eligible households
For more information or referral to a partner agency creating affordable housing, call (601) 545-4558.

Emergency Repairs

The Emergency Repair Program is available to assist with repairs at owner-occupied homes in the City where the household is low to moderate income. Awards are not to exceed $10,000 and are intended to address repair needs of an emergency (health, safety) nature.

  • Ownership for 1+ years
  • Low to Moderate Income
  • Homeowners Insurance
For more information or referral to a partner agency doing Emergency Repairs, call (601) 554-1025.

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