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Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the health, safety, and welfare of the City by providing responsive and effective professional engineering leadership for new construction projects that are sustainable, suitable for all users, and context sensitive.


The Engineering Department oversees planning, design, and construction for new traffic and transportation, water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, building and lighting, and airport infrastructure projects. Other responsibilities include oversight of paving and striping operations, review of subdivision plans and construction plans, participation in site plan review, water and sewer tap applications, right-of-way permitting, and providing technical consulting to other City Departments. 

Bertran Kuyrkendall, Director of Engineering

In 2010 Bertran Kuyrkendall began as the City of Hattiesburg’s Director of Engineering. A native of Laurel, Mississippi, Mr. Kuyrkendall graduated from Mississippi State University, B.S. Civil Engineering, Belhaven University, B.S. Mathematics and the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science. He is a registered professional civil engineer in the State of Mississippi, an accredited member of the Congress for the New Urbanism, and a certified LEED Green Associate.  Mr. Kuyrkendall also serves as the Bobby L. Chain Municipal Airport (HBG) Manager.

 Projects under design or construction in 2012: 


  • Airport Drainage and Safety Area Improvements – This is a construction project to repair and extend the primary box culvert that flows under the runway and taxiway along with grading the safety area and installing additional drainage pipes and inlets.

  •  Airport Layout Plan – The airport property and structures will be surveyed in detail followed by a comprehensive master planning effort for future facilities.

  • Hardy St. Widening— An additional lane will be added to Hardy Street between 21st Avenue and Highway 49 for the development of a median and left turn lanes. The project also includes a five  foot wide sidewalk along both sides of Hardy Street, an upgrade to the school zone warning infrastructure for east bound traffic, and the milling and overlaying of the existing roadway.   

  • Rowan Elementary Safe Routes to School Project  – This project consists of approximately 2900 linear feet of 4’ wide sidewalk along Cypress Avenue from along Ruby Avenue from Martin Luther King Avenue to Charles Street, and along JC Killingsworth from Ellis Avenue to Breland Avenue.

  •  Woodley Elementary Safe Routes to School Project  – This project consists of approximately 3000 linear feet of 5’ wide sidewalk along 21st Avenue from Hardy Street to Quinn Street, and along O’Ferral Street from 23rd Avenue to Patton Avenue. 

  • New Traffic Signals— Traffic signals will be installed at the intersection of Parkway Boulevard (entrance to Tatum Park) and Highway 11 and at the intersection of W.S.F.Tatum Blvd & Bonhomie Rd.

  • 34th Avenue Sidewalks and Landscape Enhancements – A 5’ sidewalk will be constructed on 34th Avenue from Hardy Street to Beverly Lane accompanied by additional street trees and other landscaping.  

  •  4th Street Widening, Phase I – 4th Street West will be widened from a two lane open ditch road to a three lane curb and gutter road with landscaped medians, drainage improvements, and sidewalks from 25th Avenue to Hutchinson Avenue.

  •  Downtown Transportation Improvements, Phase I – The first phase of the project to enhance walkability and add parking spaces includes conversion of one-way traffic on Front and Pine Streets to two-way, construction of a roundabout at the Hardy & Pine Street intersection, and striping of eighty on-street parking spaces.

  • Hardy Street Corridor Design – The final product of this study will be a master plan for Hardy Street from 21st Ave to Adeline Street utilizing complete street and context sensitive design methodology.

  •  Long Leaf Trace, Gateway to Main Street – Completion of this segment of the Long Leaf Trace along the old rail bed parallel to 4th Street will enable bicycle and pedestrian connection from the LLT Gateway at USM to the train depot downtown.

  • Martin Luther King Drive Extension – Design is underway to extend Martin Luther King Drive from Bowling Street to Hutchinson Road and to improve the section from Tuscan Ave to Bowling Street.

  • Midtown Road and Utility Plans – More detailed engineering plans will be drafted for transportation and utility improvements in the Midtown area to correspond with the recently developed master plan.

  • Country Club Road Rebuild – This project includes improvements to Country Club Rd. including repairs, some curbing installation & drainage improvements, and construction of a shared-use pathway.

  • Broadway/Mobile/Bouie Transportation Enhancement Project – This project includes construction of sidewalks and landscaping features along Broadway Drive, Pine Street, Mobile Street, and Bouie Street.  Also included is a new park at the old smokestack on E. 4th Street and an “edible park” with fruit and nut trees on Mobile St.

  • Bartur/Broadway Intersection Improvements – The intersection of Bartur Street with Broadway Drive will be rebuilt to function more efficiently.

  • Chain Park Phase 3 – A new access road is added to connect Chain Park to Hwy 11.  Plans include the addition of a parallel 8 foot shared-use pathway.

  • LLT Depot to Chain Park – The Long Leaf Trace will be extended from the Depot to Chain Park via the Newman-Buschman Neighborhood and sections parallel to Gordon’s Creek.

  • LLT Zoo and Depot Spurs – The project includes spur lines that run from the Long Leaf Trace to the Hattiesburg Zoo and the Depot.

  • Erosion Control – Erosion control projects will be undertaken through the National Resources Conservation Service at these locations: Leaf River at the South Lagoon, Gordon’s Creek at Ronie St., and Mineral Creek at J. Ed Turner Road.

  • Gordon’s Creek Erosion Control Project at River Avenue – Design and construction of erosion control elements along the west side Gordon’s Creek upstream from River Avenue.

  • 592 Sewer Project— This Gravity sewer reconstruction project will include areas in the Dabbs, Kamper-Avenues, Grace Avenue-Northills Drive, and East Jerusalem neighborhoods. 

  • North Lagoon Expansion— Two new cells will be added to the North Lagoon to increase the design capacity from two million gallons per day (MGD) to four MGD. With the increase in development in the recently annexed areas, this expansion is critical to allow the City to accept and treat wastewater collected in the City.

  • ComSWIP Sewer Projects – The Comprehensive Sewer and Water Improvements Program entails a $12 million bonded investment to replace failing sewer and water infrastructure in the city.  Current sewer projects include these locations: Columbia Street, Corrine Street (west), Duke Ave, Carlisle Drive, WSF Tatum Blvd., Providence Street, Corrine Street (east), Country Club Rd, Cedar Street, Weathersby Rd., Mobile/Bouie Neighborhood, W. 4th Street, and E. 8th Street.

  • South Lagoon Sludge Removal – In order to combat the seasonal turnover smell events at the south lagoon we are dredging, dewatering and disposing of accumulated sludge that is deposited in certain cells.

  • South Wastewater Treatment – In order to comply with new nutrient requirements that will be placed on the effluent limits at the south lagoon, we are investigating different treatment options to meet these new limits by 2017.  More information can be found at www.investinhattiesburg.com.

  • Wesley Water Treatment Plant— A new water treatment plant will be installed at the existing well and tank site near Weathersby Road to allow for the removal of iron and magnesium present in the groundwater. The project includes the installation of pressure filters, a clear well, chemical mixing equipment and an emergency power supply.  

  • Safe Rooms— Fourteen disaster-resistant concrete structures will be built at fire station sites and other city buildings for use by emergency responders during storm events.

  • ComSWIP Water Projects – Current water projects include these locations: Country Club neighborhood phase 2, W.S.F. Tatum Rd., Veterans Boulevard, Eva Street, Mabel Street, Fredna Street, South 40th Ave and Edwards Street.

  • ComSWIP Fire Protection Projects – Enhanced fire protection is being extended to businesses and residences along Hwy 98 West installing new water mains, fire hydrants, a 500,000 gallon elevated water tank, and a water booster station.

  • James Street Water Plant Phase 2 – In this second phase an additional filter chamber and aerator structure were rehabilitated.


Other Projects Include:

  • Timberton Park Neighborhood Drainage Study

  • Parkhaven Neighborhood Traffic Study

  • Regional Detention Planning Study

  • USGS Inundation Study

  • Bike Lane Striping Plan

  • Bonhomie and HS Rails to Trails

  • Bridge & Dam Inspections

  • Gravel Pit Line Rails to Trails

  • LSBP Bridge Design

  • RR Pedestrian Crossings

  • Sidewalk on East 7th Street

  • Railroad Crossing Improvements

  • Sewer Inflow/Infiltration Study

  • Sidewalks Arlington Loop

  • Sidewalks Adeline Street

  • Bouie Lakes Study, Phase 2

  • MS4 Stormwater


 Commenced or Completed 2011 Projects: 

  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) – The Hattiesburg ITS and Traffic Management Center (TMC) Improvement project included installation of 10 fixed cameras and 5 pan-tilt-zoom cameras along Hardy Street from 21st AVenue to West Pine Street.  New equipment was installed to make all signals along Hardy Street interconnected on fiber.  The project will facilitate incident management from the TMC as well as provide a means to remotely evaluate signal timings and their effect on traffic flow.

  • Bridge Replacement— The bridges at Pine Hills Drive and Byron Street were replaced through Forrest County with Local System Bridge Program (LSBP) monies.   

  • ADA Transition Plan – Per Federal Highway Administration requirements the city completed an inventory of all sidewalks facilities in the city and crafted a phrased plan to make all facilities ADA accessible within a 15 year time frame.

  • Airport Taxiway Lights – Taxiway lights and illuminated signage were replaced at the airport.

  • Recycling RFP – The Engineering Department oversaw the request for proposal process to secure curbside recycling contract services for the city.

  • Downtown Street Lights— This project consist of the installation of decorative fixtures throughout downtown, painting of existing traffic signals and relocation of overhead utilities along Mobile Street into an underground duct bank.

  • Erosion Control— Four erosion control projects were completed through the National Resources Conservation Services at these locations: Gordon’s Creek at 40th Avenue, Mixon’s Creek at Hwy. 49 North, a tributary to Bouie River at Scott St., Leaf River at the Hattiesburg South Lagoon, and Burkett’s Creek at James Street.

  • South Lagoon Aeration— Construction was completed to replace 52 aerators with energy efficient air diffusers to enhance the sewage treatment process at the South Lagoon. 

  • Country Club Water— In order to increase water pressure and aid in fire protection in the residential areas located near Classic Drive, the Innovation Park and the Hattiesburg Country Club, 17,000 feet of new water line and a water booster station were installed.

Staff Listing and Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Post Office Box 1898

Hattiesburg, MS 39403-1898

Physical Address:

212 West Front Street 

Hattiesburg, MS 39401


Bertran Kuyrkendall, P.E., CNU-A, LEED Green Associate

Director of Engineering

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Administrative Assistant

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Engineering Technician

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Engineering Technician Supervisor

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