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Jackie Dole Sherrill Community Center

Jackie Dole Sherrill Community Center

Located at 220 West Front Street, the Jackie Dole Sherrill Community Center is in the heart of downtown Hattiesburg. The community center has a 5,000 sq. ft. auditorium, a dining/meeting room, 2 conference rooms and a full service kitchen, with serving room. The Jackie Dole Sherrill Community Center is across the street from city hall and in walking distance to many of the downtown restaurants, entertainment spots and shopping opportunities.
  1. Auditorium with fixed stage (approx. 5,000 sq. ft.) portable seating
  2. Dining Room/Meeting Room (approx. 2,165 sq. ft.)
  3. Two (2) Conference Rooms (approx. 564 sq. ft. each)
  4. Full Service Kitchen with Serving Room
Some events include: (1) Zeus Annual Coronation and Mardi Gras Ball (2) Annual Square and Round Dance Conference (3) MS Hattiesburg Pageant (4) Sacred Heart School Dinner Theater (5) Jr./Senior High School Proms (6) United Way Appreciation Banquet (7) HCLO Dinner Theater (8) Family & Class Reunions (9) Wedding & Receptions (10) Various Church and Community Functions.

   Deposit - $100.00 per day Auditorium - $25.00 per hour Dining Room - $16.00 per hour (8am – 5pm Monday through Friday) Dining Room - $25.00 per hour(After 5 pm and weekends) Conference Rooms - $8.00 per hour (8am – 5pm, Monday through Friday)Conference Rooms - $15.00 per hour (After 5 pm and weekends) Kitchen - $50.00 per day Set-up Charge - $25.00
Hattiesburg Cultural Center

Hattiesburg Cultural Center

Formerly the old Hattiesburg Library, this Mississippi Landmark structure was built in 1930, and now provides a beautiful venue for many types of meetings and events. On the corner of North Main and Jackson St, the Hattiesburg Cultural Center has a large second floor meeting hall, art gallery and historic museum.  

Surrounded by Live Oaks, Crape Myrtles and other plants native to the south, the Cultural Center's landscape adds to the beauty of this historical Hattiesburg building.  

The Cultural Center is home to the Hattiesburg Arts Council, Hattiesburg Downtown Association, Hattiesburg Historic Society and Museum. The 2nd and 3rd floors are available for rent by individuals and public.    

Some events include: (1) Weddings and Receptions (2) Banquets (3) Community Meetings (4) Art Workshops and Shows (4) Gallery Walks (5) Recitals.     Deposit - $250.00 (Nights & Weekends) Deposit - $150.00 (8am – 5pm Monday through Friday) Rental - $150.00 (8am – 5pm Monday through Friday) Rental - $250.00 (Nights & Weekends) Capacity 250
Hattiesburg Intermodal Facility
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Hattiesburg Intermodal Facility

Originally built in 1910 as the Hattiesburg Train Depot, this historic landmark now operates as the Hattiesburg Intermodal Center. Restored in 2006, the Intermodal Center is located at 308 Newman Street in the Newman-Buschman Historic District, the city's oldest neighborhood. The 14,000-square foot Italian Renaissance building now host black-tie galas, weddings and town hall meetings.
  1. Grand Hall Ball Room
  2. Community Room
Some events include: (1) Weddings & Wedding Receptions (2) Art Exhibits (3)Concerts, (4)Banquets (5) City Meetings (6) Local & Community Organizations Meetings (7) High School Proms (8) Festival South & Arts Market
C. E. Roy Community Center

C. E. Roy Community Center

At 300 East 5th Street, the C. E. Roy Community Center is a user friendly facility with many amenities. The East Hattiesburg location features a 3,500 sq. ft. auditorium, dance studio, 4 classrooms and a full service kitchen. Many community events, family and class reunions are annual occasions at the center.
  1. Auditorium with fixed stage (approx. 3,500 sq. ft.)
  2. Four (4) Class rooms (approx. 564 sq. ft.)
  3. Dance Studio (approx. 832 sq. ft.)
  4. Full Service Kitchen
Some events include:  (1) Delta Sorority Mardi Gras Ball (2) Community And Church Functions (3) Community Meetings (4) Weddings & Receptions (5) High School Proms (6) Site for Recreation Department Summer Day Camp.   Deposit - $100.00 per day Auditorium - $25.00 per hour Dance Studio - $15.00 per hour Class Rooms - $10.00 per hour (8am – 5pm, Monday through Friday) Class Rooms - $15.00 per hour (After 5pm and weekends) Kitchen - $50.00 per day Set-up Charge - $25.00
W. U. Sigler Center

W. U. Sigler Center

Home to the Parks and Recreation Administration Offices, the Sigler Center at 315 Conti Street, has a 2,800 sq. ft. meeting hall that provides space for public meetings, community groups and workshops.
  1. Auditorium (approx. 2,800 sq. ft.)
Some events include: (1) Ball Room Dance Classes (2) Aerobic Classes (3) Bridge Tournaments (4) Senior Citizens Meetings (5) Assistance with Income Tax Returns (6) AARP Monthly Board Meetings.  

All dances, record –hops, etc.., are prohibited from the Centers. Deposit - $100.00 Auditorium - $25.00 per hour Gymnasium - $25.00 per hour
McNair Recreation Center

McNair Recreation Center

Hosting many activities such as ceramics, the Bridge Club and other art programs, the Ben McNair Center is a cornerstone of the Parks and Recreation Programming Division. The McNair Center also features a gymnasium and large outdoor swimming pool for recreational activities.
  1. Gym
  2. Small Auditorium with fixed stage
  3. One (1) Meeting Room
  4. Swimming Pool
Some events include: (1) Basketball Tournaments (2) SMAA Weekly Meetings (3)  Parks and Recreation Summer Day Camp (4) Parks and Recreation Basketball Leagues (5) PALS.  

All dances, record –hops, etc.., are prohibited from the Centers. Deposit - $100.00 Auditorium - $25.00 per hour Gymnasium - $25.00 per hour