Crew Worker

Department: Public Works

Division: Streets – Health

Rate of Pay: $10.00/hr


Nature of Work:

This is semi-skilled maintenance and repair work.  Will maintain and repair City streets, sidewalks, drainage ditches.


Examples or Work:

Maintain and Repair City Streets

  • Secure area to ensure safety of the public
  • Haul asphalt, dirt and gravel to appropriate locations as needed
  • Lay concrete to repair city streets and driveways
    • Fill potholes existing on City streets
    • Clear streets of debris and garbage
    • Replace sod when damage is done during construction

Maintain drainage ditches and right of ways

  • Lay pipes for drainage ditches
  • Clear debris from ditches
  • Mow-weed-eat and rake leaves around right of ways and other city streets

Daily maintenance of departmental vehicles

  • Perform preventive maintenance on vehicles and equipment by checking tire pressures, oil and fluid levels and pressures before each run
  • Complete weekly schedule maintenance on trucks
  • Clean trucks at the end of each day

Performs other duties as directed.


High School Diploma or  Desirable Qualifications:

High school diploma or G.E.D equivalent.  Prior experience working with asphalt and concrete preferred.  Position requires heavy lifting, stooping, etc.  Will be working in extreme weather conditions.  Must have a valid Ms drivers license.  Must have good communication skills and have the ability to follow instructions.  Must be dependable.


Posting Date:  December 7, 2017

Position will be posted at a minimum until December 14, 2017, 4:30 pm