Hattiesburg Announces $1.4M Water Improvement Project for East Jerusalem Neighborhood

Hattiesburg Announces $1.4M Water Improvement Project for East Jerusalem Neighborhood

Hattiesburg, Mississippi – On Monday, Mayor Toby Barker was joined by Ward 2 Councilwoman Deborah Delgado to announce a $1.4 million water improvement plan for the East Jerusalem neighborhood in Ward 2. 

This project will upgrade the water lines throughout the East Jerusalem neighborhood, with the core objective set to replace undersized water lines – that are 1” and 3” lines – with properly-sized lines that are 6” to 8”.

“When we came into office in 2017, we hosted town hall meetings in every ward to gauge feedback on concerns and areas of need for improvements – encompassing quality of life and infrastructure,” said Barker. “This project is a direct result of a town hall meeting that was held in June of 2018 with the East Jerusalem neighborhood – when issues such as the occurrence of brown water and low water pressure were raised by many residents.”

The lines that will be completely replaced include parts of:

  • Mc Swain Street
  • Mc Innis Avenue
  • Unetta Street
  • Bonnie Street
  • North Tipton Street
  • Frederick Street
  • Southern Avenue
  • George Alley
  • Deason Avenue
  • Elizabeth Avenue
  • Mc Comb Street
  • Rebecca Avenue
  • Hall Avenue
  • Putnam Avenue
  • Gulfport Street

The following streets will receive the replacement of service lines only, in order to be connected to the new lines: 

  • Klondyke Street
  • Parts of Deason Avenue
  • Parts of Rebecca Avenue

Barker added, “We are certainly living in challenging times. However, today’s announcement reminds us – as last week’s announcement on sidewalk expansion did – that our city continues to make progress. We continue to accomplish things and live into our value of continuous improvement and core objectives of fostering progress in every neighborhood of the city.”

Infrastructure projects come with some levels of inconvenience and interruption. And while service interruptions will be minimal, all residents will receive notification in advance should they be necessary. The initial construction of this project began in mid-July and has an anticipated completion date of Summer 2021.