Campbell Loop Bridge to Close Immediately

Campbell Loop Bridge to Close Immediately

Hattiesburg, MississippiBased on the recommendation from a third party structural engineer and bridge inspection team, the City of Hattiesburg will close the bridge located on Campbell Loop on Thursday, October 22 due to unsafe structural conditions. The bridge is located between Broadacres Drive and Frontage Road. 

The bridge’s unsafe travel conditions were revealed this week when a citizen called in a sinkhole adjacent to the bridge. After city crews investigated the area to assess repair, it was determined that a structural engineer with devices that could measure wood rot and degradation was needed. 

On Wednesday, October 21, a third-party bridge inspection team determined that the bridge would need to be closed immediately for travel with a recommendation for reconstruction. 

City officials anticipate the design phase taking 3 months, with construction to follow. The construction of a new bridge is estimated to take 6-7 months with completion by Summer 2021 – dependent on project scope and weather. 

Campbell Loop is often used as a cut through to HWY 49, to and from the Highlands neighborhoods, as well as access to businesses in this area. While reconstruction is taking place, the bridge will be closed to traffic in both directions. Motorists are encouraged to use caution in the work zone and to make alternate travel plans where necessary. 

Total cost for the project is approximately $300,000.