There are currently 43 neighborhood associations in the City of Hattiesburg. This page contains links to an overall map and individual maps for each Neighborhood Association.

Neighborhood Development Coordinator

The Neighborhood Development Coordinator plays a vital role in providing important and timely information regarding city meetings, public hearings, programs and public awareness messages to the neighborhood “network”. The coordinator also assists, as a liaison, in providing information for organizing new associations and neighborhood watch groups. The neighborhood coordinator also provides the associations with information about new developments, new ordinances and upcoming issues and events that will affect their neighborhood, such as zoning changes and road improvements. There are currently 43 neighborhood associations city-wide.

The Neighborhood Development Coordinator also attends numerous meetings with non-profit organizations geared to providing services for disadvantaged citizens.


Pine Belt Coalition on Homelessness

The Pine Belt Coalition on Homelessness is an agent for change committed to addressing the short and long term complex issues that contribute to homelessness through the development and implementation of the necessary infrastructure.

Mayor’s Financial Education Initiatives

Mayor Johnny L. DuPree formed the Mayor’s Financial Education Initiative in 2001 to provide free tax preparation and educate citizens on the Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) that were not being accessed. This initiative has evolved to include all levels of financial education – budget planning, awareness, scamming, identity theft and financial empowerment.

Oak Arbor’s Stand Down

Oak Arbor is a place for transition between primary addiction treatment and day-to-day life after treatment. Founded in 2001 as an extension of our sister program at Clearview Recovery Center, Oak Arbor helps individuals with the completion phase of primary addiction treatment. Our goal is to get our clients back into the community and living independently.

DREAM’s Community Planning Coalition

DREAM of Hattiesburg, Inc. has been an influential organization in the South Mississippi area for a span of 30 years. DREAM stands for Drug-free Resources for Education and Alternatives in Mississippi. DREAM educates communities by using resources that promote a drug-free lifestyle as well as providing alternatives that promote a positive, healthy way of life.

Emergency Food & Shelter Board Programs

The Emergency Food & Shelter Board are local service providers who offer services to citizens who have immediate needs. The services include food, shelter, utility and rental assistance. The services are provided to those who meet the income requirements. Providers are: Christian Services, Inc. (601)582-5683; PRVO (601) 545-8110; and Salvation Army (601) 544-3684.

Hattiesburg Area Community Health Coalition

The Hattiesburg Area Community Health Coalition consist of community members and partners whose goal is to assist the Gulf States Health Policy Center investigators with culturally appropriate strategies to enhance the recruitment and retention of minorities in high-quality, innovative health policy research. The University of Southern Mississippi and The University of Alabama at Birmingham are the lead for our local efforts.

Dismas Charities Community Coalition

Dismas Charities gives men and women released from federal incarceration the skills and motivation to re-enter society as contributing members. The work of Dismas is to end the cycle of victimization and to heal the human spirit.

Ability Works Facility Advisory Council 

The Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) in collaboration with LIFE and MDRS is charged with developing and maintaining the State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL). The SPIL outlines their plans for the provision of independent living services to individuals with disabilities in Mississippi.

National Association of Town Watch

National Association of Town Watch is the nation’s premiere non-profit crime prevention organization dedicated to the development and promotion of crime prevention in communities across the nation.

Pearl River Valley Opportunity, Inc.

Pearl River Valley Opportunity, Inc. Our mission is to impact communities through partnerships and resources to create more social and economic self-sufficient families and prepare children for the next level of placement.

The Council of Neighborhoods

The Council of Neighborhoods

Mayor Johnny DuPree established the “Mayor’s Council of Neighborhoods” during his first term of office in 2000. The council was set up to provide a forum for neighborhood leaders to express ideas, issues or concerns about city services or projects. The council met quarterly to allow the associations an opportunity to sit at the table and listen to presentations geared to the interests and concerns of the neighborhoods.

In December 2007, Mayor DuPree restructured the organization of the Council of Neighborhoods; it became a separate entity with elected board members and officers. The group holds regularly scheduled monthly meetings and invites speakers to address current neighborhood issues. Also, many neighborhood association has a web site to share information with the residents.

2015 Council of Neighborhoods Meeting Schedule

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Neighborhood Associations
Neighborhood Associations

Neighborhood Associations

The roots of the city’s neighborhood planning program—Neighborhoods Building Hattiesburg’s Future can be traced back to the 1999-2001. The program set out to establish an information exchange between the city’s governing body and neighborhood residents. The process consisted of three phases: 1) Initiation, 2) Organizing/Outreach, and 3) Visioning/Planning.

Department of Urban Development Staff

Contact Information

Mailing Address: Post Office Box 1898 Hattiesburg, MS 39403 Physical Address: 200 Forrest Street

Maxine Coleman, Neighborhood Development Coordinator Maxine Coleman, Neighborhood Development Coordinator

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