The following are just a few of the regulations found in the City of Hattiesburg’s Code of Ordinances and the Land Development Code Ordinance. Each of these violations can result in an appearance before the Environmental Court of the City of Hattiesburg with a possible fine attached ($100-$600 plus court costs per day), and a misdemeanor offense charge).
Reporting a Violation
Report Violation

Reporting a Violation

Whether a violation is reported to the Action Center or noted by a Code Enforcement officer, there are specific procedures involved with effectively resolving a violation.

Code Violations

Code Enforcement officers are authorized to enter, photograph and inspect all private properties and structures within the corporate limits of the City of Hattiesburg. The codes and ordinances used in determining when a violation exists are as follows:

Residential Parking on Lawn

Residential Parking on Lawn

Parking your vehicle in the front yard or side yard is not permitted unless an approved driveway surface is provided along the side or in the front of the dwelling. This violation will result in an immediate citation and a fine of $100 plus court costs.
Overgrown Lot and Trash/Litter

Overgrown Lot and Trash/Litter

Grass on your property can be up to six inches tall. If your yard is growing out of control, you may receive a notice of violation. Keep your yard clean and neat and avoid tickets.
Working Without a Permit

Working Without a Permit

Making improvements and/or modifications to the exterior of a structure without a city issued permit to do so.
Open Storage

Open Storage

Storing household appliances, clothing and/or furniture in the front, side or backyard of a residential dwelling and/or having an excessive number of items in a yard that detracts from the appearance of the property.

Code Enforcement Process

State and federal regulations mandate the due process proceedings required to resolve violations. The proceedings may take several days to several months to allow defendants due process in accordance with state and federal regulations. The Code Enforcement Division is committed to utilizing the most expeditious means available to resolve violations while affording defendants their rights to due process of the law.


The owner of the property may be given a verbal warning prior to the written notice, depending on the severity of the violation.

This notice will be hand-delivered and/or mailed to the property owner. Based upon the violation, a re-inspection date will be given allowing the owner reasonable time to correct the violation.

If the violation(s) has not been corrected within a reasonable time or within the time allotted, the M.O.T. will be issued as well as the date of your initial court appearance.

The property owner or responsible party will be notified through the M.O.T.and a Notice of Setting will be mailed by the Hattiesburg Municipal Court.

At the discretion of the presiding City Judge, if the matter of the violation is not resolved, the case may be reset and another court date set giving the responsible party further opportunity to resolve this matter.

Council Resolutions Procedures

Certain violations may be resolved by requesting a council resolution rather than a court procedure. A Request for Council Resolution is submitted by the Code Enforcement Division to the City Council for a public hearing.


The Code Enforcement Division will present violations, such as dilapidated and/or abandoned buildings, overgrown lots, and trash & litter, to the City Council for approval to clean these properties at the expense of the owner of the property.

2. Documentation is prepared to properly identify owner(s)/interested parties with a vested interest in the property. A Title Opinion will be obtained to further substantiate the ownership/interest of the property.

3. Request is made to the City Council for the setting of a Public Hearing for the purpose of declaring the property as unsafe, and a menace to the public. Public Notice is mailed to all owner(s)/ interested parties and published in the local newspaper at least fourteen (14) days prior to the Public Hearing.

4. The property in question will be presented to the City Council during the Public Hearing with a request that the property be condemned with thirty (30) day resolution maturity date.

5. After the maturity period, the Land Code Division will the proceed with further measures to clean the property and remove all code violations.

If violations are correct or significant improvement made, the judge will decide on this matter accordingly. If the violation is not resolved and should the defendant be found guilty, a fine will be imposed depending upon the violation. A Fines Due Notice will be mailed if fine is not satisfied on trial date and a Walmart will be issued for the defendant if the fine is not satisfied within a reasonable amount of time. The defendant also risk the possibility of more citations being issued or other measures being taken to resolve the violation(s).

BENEFITS What are the advantages of Code Enforcing?

There are plenty of reasons to maintain the essence of Hattiesburg. If you would like to report a problem, please contact our ACTION CENTER.

Action Center +


Cleaner properties mean high property values for everyone within the community.


Attractive properties give a sense of pride, integrity, and character.


Clean properties give a better quality of life to everyone within the community including neighbors, friends, family and children. Clean businesses ALSO attract more businesses.

Did you know about our Good Neighbor Campaign?

As part of our “Good Neighbor” Campaign, the City of Hattiesburg’s Code Enforcement Team wants to educate and inform the business owners in order to:

1) Reduce code violations


2) Enhance the City’s appearance


3) Increase property values


4) Provide a safe community for all residents.

Contact Information

The City of Hattiesburg is divided into five (5) Council Wards. The Code Enforcement Division has five (5) officers responsible for the following wards:

Code Enforcement Division

Staffing Contact Information

P.O. Box 1898 Hattiesburg, MS 39402 Phone: 601.545.4675 Fax: 601.544.0392

Code Enforcement Manager Code Enforcement Manager

Chris Price / 601.554.1027 cprice@hattiesburgms.com

Environmental Court ClerkEnvironmental Court Clerk

Ashley Fortenberry/ 601.545.4596 afortenberry@hattiesburgms.com

Code Enforcement Officer  Ward 5Code Enforcement Officer Ward 5

Tywan Kidd / 601. 554.1007 tkidd@hattiesburgms.com

Code Enforcement Officer Ward 1 & 3Code Enforcement Officer Ward 1 & 3

Lakeshia Hall / 601.554.1023 lhall@hattiesburgms.com

Code Enforcement Officer Ward 2 & 4Code Enforcement Officer Ward 2 & 4

Tracie Russell / 601.554.1011 terussell@hattiesburgms.com

Code Enforcement Officer Ward 4Code Enforcement Officer Ward 4

Charles Copeland/ 601.545.4600 ccopeland@hattiesburgms.com

Code Enforcement Officer Ward 2Code Enforcement Officer Ward 2

Karnella Meyers / 601.554.1009 kmeyers@hattiesburgms.com

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