Cable Advisory Board

The City of Hattiesburg’s Cable Advisory Board is tasked with making recommendations to the Mayor regarding franchise agreements with traditional television cable providers and other non-traditional video service providers as necessary.  The City of Hattiesburg currently has a franchise agreement in place with Comcast.


Current Agreements:Comcast Cable

Recent Updates



• February 19, 2014:  Time Warner Cable Announcement – Time Warner Cable to merge with Comcast Corporation.

• December 20, 2013: Effective January 28, 2014, the Inspirational Network (INSP) will move from Limited Basic tier to Digital Starter tier. Inspiration will continue to be carried in Digital Economy, channel 244.

• December 19, 2013: Effective January 6, 2014, the G4 and G4 HD will no longer be available.

• December 13, 2013: Effective January 15, 2014, new prices will apply to select Video and Internet services and equipment and a Broadcast TV Fee will be itemized in order to defray the rising costs of retransmitting broadcast television signals.

• November 15, 2013: Effective December 17, 2013, TV Guide Network (Digital Starter tier) will undergo a format change, swapping the split-screen version for a full-screen version.• November 14, 2013: Effective December 19, 2013, SoapNet, on channel 120, will no longer be available.

• November 12, 2013: Effective December 10, 2013, Music Choice will expand to include Teen MC, Pop Rhythmic, Pop Country, Y2K, and Love Songs. New channel numbers will be assigned. In addition, Classic Alternative will no longer be available.

• October 16, 2013: Effective December 16, 2013, Howard Stern on Demand will no longer be available.

• September 17, 2013: Effective on September 17, 2013, the launch of Xfinity X1 Platform• July 8, 2013: Effective on or after August 26, 2013, the Music Choice Channels, channels 801 – 846 will now be available with the Family Tier level of service.

• July 1, 2013: Effective July 31, 2013, FOX Soccer will move from the Digital Preferred & Sports Entertainment Pack Ch. 728 to Digital Starter Ch. 728.

• April 25, 2013: Effective June 4, 2013, Fox Business on Ch. 106 & Fox Business HD on HD Ch. 469 will move from the Digital Preferred tier to the Digital Starter tier.  BBC World News will also launch to the Digital Preferred Tier on Ch. 90.

• February 27, 2013: Effective on or around 3/28/13, WE TV Ch. 117, and WE HD Ch. 455 will be available on your Digital Starter Tier.

• December 19, 2012:  Notification of Price Changes.

• December 14, 2012: Effective December 11, 2012, Ovation is launching in free preview to Digital Preferred customers, officially launching on January 15, 2013.

• November 5, 2012: Effective 12/19/2012, Sports South channel 95 and Sports South HD channel 1676 will be launching on Digital Starter.  On 12/21/2012, WHPM-CW channel 223 and WHPM-CW HD channel 438 will be launching.  CW on channel 59 will no longer be available.

• August 28, 2012: Effective October 1, 2012, the product name “Economy” Internet is being discontinued.  The name will change to “Economy Plus.” There is NO change to your monthly price.

• September 13, 2012: Update to previous change: Disney Junior will now be on the Digital Preferred tier, channel 136, not channel 138 as previously noticed.

• September 11, 2012: Your area will be previewing CSS HD full time on HD Digital Starter Channels 400 and 1671 starting August 31, 2012, and officially launching on October 14, 2012.

• August 2, 2012: Effective September 19, 2012, Disney Jr will launch on Digital Preferred channel 138.  SoapNet will launch on the Sports and Entertainment tier channel 120 and will continue to be carried on the Digital Preferred tier.

• July 9, 2012: Effective on or around August 15, 2012, PAC12 Ch. 714 will be added to the Sports & Entertainment Package.  In addition, on or around August 29, 2012, ESPN Goal Line, Ch. 743 will be added to the Sports & Entertainment Package.


For more information, please contact:

Andrew Ellard, Director of Urban Development

  • 601-545-4675


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