Technical Services



The Accounting Division recently began using the Kronos time keeping system. The staff that oversees this department, along with the new system is an integral part for the Hattiesburg Police Department payroll. In addition to payroll duties, payments received from the Records Division and Special Duty Details are coordinated through Accounting.

Accounting is responsible for processing paperwork for new employees including background checks. Other duties include verifying attendance, file maintenance, keeping track of leave time, which includes vacation, personal, and sick leave, for all Hattiesburg Police Department employees. They also keep records of employees’ information, such as exemptions, transfers, and resignations, which allows them to maintain and update payroll records.


Office (601) 554-3620


The Records Division is responsible for receiving, transcribing, filing and maintaining police case reports (incidents and accidents) and other related documents.  The reports are distributed to the public in three forms (1) in person with proper identification,

(2) mail request, or (3) fax request with proper information. Records clerks provide information and assistance to the public.  The department conducts services which include 1) conducting record checks, 2) fingerprinting, 3) processing security position applications, 4) generating security badges for taxicab drives, 5) processing bail bonding and security applicants.


Services Fees

Bondsman, Private Investigator & Security Guard Badges
Initial with Record Check $50.00
Renewal $25.00
Identification Cards   
Initial $10.00
Renewal $5.00
Reports (Incident, Accident, Custody, Affidavit Subpoena Files, etc.)


Background/Records Check $10.00
Fingerprints $20.00
Searching-based on actual time required $7.00 per hour
Photographs (Reproduction) $10.00 plus processing cost



Teleservice clerks are available for walk-in services such as filing reports of incidents, filing affidavits, and request for security (light) checks at residences or businesses. This department is responsible for the intake of misdemeanor criminal reporting.