Special Operations




The HPD Traffic Division, which is also known as the “Motor Unit” consists of officers who are responsible for the orderly flow of traffic throughout the city limits by monitoring motor vehicle drivers.

These motorcycle officers respond to vehicle accidents, run radar, and perform funeral and dignitary escorts. Furthermore, this unit is also responsible for overseeing all special functions which occur within the city such as parades, festivals, charity runs, and other traffic-related activities.

The department currently has one DUI Enforcer who handles the majority of the calls for service involving drunken drivers and is responsible for strictly enforcing the driving under the influence laws.

Additionally, the department has a DUI Coordinator who works closely with the DUI Officers in preparing documentations for court cases involving DUIs.  DUI Court is usually held each Thursday in the City of Hattiesburg Municipal Courtroom.   The Traffic/Motor/DUI Division can be reached by telephone at 601-554-3602.


Highway Interdiction Team (H.I.T.)

The tireless efforts of the sworn officers of the Hattiesburg Police Department are aided tremendously by the work of a different breed of officers…the canine kind!

Police service dogs supplement and enhance the capabilities of police personnel. K-9 units are made up of a specially trained police officer and canine that work together on a daily basis, identifying illegal substances and providing a powerful psychological deterrent to potential offenders. These specialized capabilities make K-9 units one of the most effective tools available to the department.

An integral part of the police function, this police-canine combination increases the potential for success of the entire agency.

Crime Suppression Team (STRIKE)

To help combat the number of residential, commercial and auto burglaries and to suppress high-crime areas throughout the city, in 2008, the Hattiesburg Police Department created a Crime Suppression Team, who is known to many as ‘STRIKE’.


With offenses like noise complaints, disorderly conducts and public drinking, the Crime Suppression Team frequently shifts its focus on violations that lessen a neighborhood’s quality of life. Additionally, they assist other areas within the department, such as patrol, whose response time is often limited by the mere quantity of service calls.


STRIKE functions as a special operations team. This unit performs targeted and task-oriented police activities.  Like other specialized units, this squad employs a variety of tactics in their services, including maneuvering through communities on bikes and walking or driving in unmarked units.

Neighborhood Enhancement Team (N.E.T.)

Known as ‘N.E.T.,’ the Neighborhood Enhancement Team was created in 1994 as a part of the community-policing initiative adopted by the Hattiesburg Police Department. N.E.T. is based on a philosophy which recognizes the interdependence and shared responsibility of the police and the community in making communities safer and more inhabitable. These officers work flexible schedules, centering their services around the needs of the communities that most necessitate focused law enforcement attention.

Within certain communities, target areas are established in which community policing strategies are expected to have a positive effect. N.E.T. officers work one-on-one with the individuals residing in target communities and develop personal relationships with these residents in order to develop a foundation of trust and understanding.  Likewise, officers employ a variety of tactics in their services, including maneuvering through communities on bikes, and walking or driving in unmarked units.  Moreover, these officers regularly attend neighborhood association meetings in order to gain an understanding of residents’ needs and desires for community improvement.

Metro Narcotics/12th Judicial District

Narcotics Enforcement Team

The Hattiesburg Police Department contributes two officers to the 12th Judicial District Narcotics Enforcement Team. This unit operates as a collaborative effort between the cities of Hattiesburg, Petal and Forrest and Perry Counties. Each of these jurisdictions provide officers who work undercover narcotics inside this district. These officers work to ensure that an aggressive and effective effort is made to suppress organized crime and vice activities in the community, predominantly narcotics enforcement.

Special Tactics and Rescue Team (S.T.A.R.)

Consisting of officers within the police department, the S.T.A.R. Team is trained in special tactics for high-risk situations that may occur at any moment. They respond to seven main categories of calls:

  • Hostage situations
  • Sniper calls
  • Barricaded subjects: Armed subject(s) barricaded against arrest
  • Barricaded subjects: Armed subject(s) threatening suicide and a threat to others
  • Heavy arrest: Arrest of multiple armed felons in a fortified location
  • Dignitary protection
  • Special circumstances (terrorist threats, etc.)