Consisting of four captains, four lieutenants, four sergeants and at least seven officers per shift, the Uniform Patrol Division is the backbone of the department.  Each day, these men and women, who make up the largest component of the Hattiesburg Police Department, are placed in the direct path of crime and calls for service.

Patrol officers, also known as “Hattiesburg’s Finest,” are assigned to particular beats within the city, thus allowing them to become familiar with a specific area and to establish contacts with the public. Efforts to prevent and reduce crime are achieved through proactive patrol techniques in problem areas and by frequent contact with citizen groups and individuals. Patrol also includes the Field Training Program, which features a comprehensive curriculum and standardized evaluation system of probationary officers. Once an officer is hired, he or she is assigned to field training and after successful completion of this phase, the officer is then placed on solo patrol within the beat structure.