Homeland Security


Contracted by the City of Hattiesburg, the coordinator for the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security (MOHS) Task Force III (TF III) is housed inside of the Hattiesburg Police Department. MOHS has the state divided into three sections and ours, Task Force III, covers all counties south of Highway 84 to the Gulf Coast.

The duties include: coordinating the recruiting of local responders from police and fire departments and Emergency Management Agencies; coordinating the training opportunities for these responders and their reimbursement fees, when applicable; coordinating the credentialing and credentialing updates for all Homeland Security responders in Task Force III; assisting other MOHS staffers in the development of MOHS exercises, policies, and procedures; assisting all Task Force agencies with their Bi-Annual Strategic Implementation Report, which is a financial report of Homeland Security funds and expenditures and assisting all Task Force agencies with their yearly National Incident Management System (NIMS) reporting.