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Mayor Johnny L. DuPree, Ph.D.

Thank you for your interest in Hattiesburg, one of America’s great small cities. Founded in 1882 by pioneer lumberman and civil engineer William H. Hardy, Hattiesburg was named in honor of Hardy’s wife Hattie. The town was incorporated two years later with a population of only 400. Hattiesburg’s population first took off as a center of the lumber and railroad industries giving us our nickname “The Hub City.” It now attracts newcomers to the area because of the diversity of the economy, strong neighborhoods and the great central location in South Mississippi.

This sense of determination, community and entrepreneurial spirit that was evident at our city’s founding is today apparent during rebuilding following Hurricane Katrina. In the days following Katrina, our citizens and the hundreds of volunteers from around the country took on the task of rebuilding Hattiesburg. Acknowledged as a transportation center for highway and rail traffic, Hattiesburg has become central to the coast rebuilding effort providing temporary housing as well as office, retail and hotel space.

In the wake of Katrina as the city rebuilt and services returned, Hattiesburg became a central area for the rebuilding of cities along the coast and a refuge for many of those who lost so much more. Our City also serves as host for the nearby Camp Shelby Training Center, one of the nation’s premier deployment sites for troops destined for duty in Iraq.

As the fourth largest city in the state, the area is nationally recognized as a great place to live for many reasons — its low unemployment, medical and educational facilities, and exciting business opportunities. One of the city’s greatest assets of Hattiesburg is its deep love of history and culture. Many of the old buildings and neighborhoods have historic designations and work is ongoing to revitalize the beautiful downtown area. Several art galleries and the most visited library in the state find their home in the historic downtown area. The Saenger Theatre hosts numerous concerts, plays and operas throughout the year. The Hattiesburg Lake Terrace Convention Center, one of the region’s best convention center, houses the city’s visitor information center.

Recreation is also a great love of the area. With more than a dozen golf courses, the area has earned a national reputation in golfing circles. Also, Kamper Park and Hattiesburg Zoo is one of the city’s most visited attractions. Parks with walking tracks and recreational facilities are located throughout the city.

There is something going on all the time in the Hub City, and we are continually working to make the city a better place for everyone to work, live and visit.

Sincerely yours,

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Mayor Johnny L. DuPree, Ph.D.