dubardfiresafetyfiremanSafety and Education

The Hattiesburg Fire Department continues to increase its involvement in neighborhood and community events, including safety presentations at neighborhood meetings, medical stand-bys at sporting events and school visitations. If you would like to have a representative from the Fire Department to attend your event, please send your request to 100_1734mssmith@hattiesburgms.com or call the Fire Department’s administrative office.









Fire Prevention

Fire prevention enforces the city’s fire code through regular compliance inspections of city businesses, plan review of fire protection issues involving commercial construction and occupancy compliance in public Natatorium fire 002assemblies. The prevention division also manages the department’s fire cause and arson investigations. 

Fire Investigator

601.545.6678- Office

501.545.6679- Fax

For Local Businesses 

For businesses in the Hattiesburg area, the Fire Department suggests installing the Knox Box Security Entry System. The Knox Box system saves time, money and damage for area businesses. This computer-controlled security system enables firefighters to gain after-hour access at a business without delay during an emergency incident. Without this system in place, fire fighters must either force entry to the business – which causes damage – or await the arrival of a key holder, which may cause additional damage from hidden fire or similar condition. To discuss installation of the Knox Box System please call the Fire Prevention Administrative Office at




Fire Safety Tips

The Hattiesburg Fire Department is committed to keeping the citizens of Hattiesburg educated, updated and prepared in case of emergency. As the summer temperature increases, so do the chances for fire outbreaks. In Mississippi, however, the number fire related deaths has been on the decline, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Below are some of the many ways you can prevent fires and ensure the number of fire-related injuries and deaths continues to dwindle in our city and our state.