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Parks & Recreation


Dr. Clemon Terrell

Director of Parks and Recreation

The mission of the Hattiesburg Parks & Recreation Department is to "enhance the lives of all citizens by providing quality programs that promote physical fitness, social interaction, and cultural enrichment."

The City of Hattiesburg's Parks & Recreation Department manages and maintains the public parks, community centers, sports fields, cemeteries and other recreational facilities.


The City of Hattiesburg's Parks & Recreation Department manages and maintains the public parks, community centers, zoo, sports fields, cemeteries and other recreational facilities. The department is made up of 4 divisions - Administration/Programming, Recreation/Grounds Maintenance, Cemetery/Forestry, and Cultural Affairs. Each division is responsible for certain aspects of the Parks & Recreation Program with a common goal of enhancing the quality of life of its citizens by providing recreational activities, beautiful parks, user friendly facilities, attractive community centers and a safe, enjoyable environment.

The Ball Field/ Grounds Division is responsible for all city ballparks and landscape areas. Planting, mowing, and fertilization of all turf grass are a part of this division’s daily tasks. This division handles all athletic field preparations. The City of Hattiesburg holds 20 baseball/ softball fields, 12 soccer fields, 18 tennis courts, 4 basketball courts, 3 swimming pools, and several walking trails that are also maintained by this division.

All enhancement landscape projects are handled through the Grounds Division. Many of the city's landscaped intersections and streets require daily care. All the city parks and many city buildings are enhanced with highlight landscaping. This division is also responsible for mowing of all city parks. Approximately 300 acres of park and ball Field grass is cut each week.

Recreational Facilities

  1. Beverly Hills Walking Track – Beverly Hills Rd/walking track, pavilions
  2. Cameron Field – 1700 Hardy St/ballfield
  3. C. E. Roy Community Center – 300 E.5th St/facilities
  4. Chain Park – E.8th St/walking track, playground
  5. Cultural Center – Main St/facilities
  6. Dahmer Park – 1000 Country Club Rd/walking track, pool, fields, courts, pavilion
  7. Eastside Park – 1009 Rebecca Ave/walking track, pavilions
  8. Fountain Park – W. Front St/
  9. Hope Park – Katie Ave/walking track, pavilions
  10. Jackie Dole Community Center – 220 W. Front St/facilities
  11. Jaycee Park – 301 Lurty Ave/ballfields, playground
  12. Kamper Park – 107 S.17th Ave/walking track, playground, pavilions
  13. Lee Circle Gazebo – Lee Circle/pavilion
  14. Lilac St. Playground – 25 Blankinship St/
  15. Ben McNair Recreation Center – 300 N.12th Ave/facilities
  16. N. R. Burger Center – 305 E.6th St/facilities
  17. Oseola McCarty Park – 500 West St/walking track, pavilion, playground
  18. People’s Park – Travillion Rd/basketball court
  19. San Antonio Field – San Antonio St/ballfield
  20. Sigler Center – 315 Conti St/size, facilities
  21. Smokie Herrington Field – Stadium Dr/ballfield
  22. Tatum Park – 101 Parkway Blvd/ballfields, soccer fields, walking trail, disc golf course
  23. Timberton Complex – 601 Helveston Rd/ballfields, walking trail
  24. Town Square Park – 100 Main St/walking track, pavilions
  25. Train Depot – Newman St/facilities
  26. Unetta St. Gym – Unetta St/size, facilities
  27. Veteran’s Park – Front St/monument
  28. 9th St Park – 300 9th St/ballfields



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