The City of Hattiesburg and TheFirst-A National Banking Association have created the Officers Deen and Tate Benefit Fund for individuals wishing to assist their families financially. For more information, please call 601.268.8998 or 601.450.8888. The donations will be evenly divided.  

Farm to Fork Program

Friday, 12 June 2015 by

The beautiful weather that we are having is so inviting! The birds are tweeting with a renewed liveliness, the bees are busy pollinating the flowers, and summer seems to be as inviting as ever. After the cold bursts that we have had, most of us are looking for opportunities to get involved with summer activities.

The City of Hattiesburg Public Works Department will begin distributing 65-gallon roll-away bins to current recycling participants. The Department hopes the new bins will encourage residents to recycle more and dispose less garbage. Designed for convenience with wheels and a lid, the bins allow for worry-free outdoor storage of recyclables. Participants will receive one bin